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Its a start...

Ive started plenty of jobs... in fact I've been told that I've had more starts than a racehorse!

Ive started a few horses, started a number of journeys all over the world, started a fair mob of cattle on feed now. Started friendships and relationships, started ideas and planted seeds for them- most things will grow with a little TLC. Ive started learning, training, education, degrees. Ive started teaching myself; growing, practicing the art of patience, tolerance, commitment and an unmentionable number of other teachings I need to focus on to be better.

All of these starts are ongoing, they don't necessarily have an end date, they're what I focus on and continue to try with.

Sure I've finished jobs, but I finished them when the meaningfulness of them expired for me. These jobs have all been a stepping stone to get to somewhere and the path keeps trailing off into the future.

Ive finished degrees by completing assignments, passing subjects, attending class and being handed a piece of paper for recognition. This opened my mind and created opportunities that the piece of paper was only the start of.

Friendships and relationships, well theres plenty of starts there and unfortunately a few finishes however none that weren't for the best. The starts in this department these days are much fewer than in the past and thats thanks tor realising the value of quality, not quantity.

My self teaching starts and stops. I don't realise its stopped until I make a mess again and realise I need to go back to focusing on certain areas of discipline. Self teaching is life long and hard, as long as we at least recognise the importance of this we are on the right track.

Ill never stop starting cattle and horses. This is my life, my livelyhood and my love. Its what lead me to something I started 12 months ago now for the first time ever.

It lead me to start 'Morrissey and Friends Livestock Services'.

A start where my father is my business partner, where we work for ourselves and reap the benefits of every ounce of energy we put into it. We also feel the effect of when we get lazy, or tired or detached, but thats manageable. Regardless of its success or failure we have taken our future into our own hands in order to do what we love everyday for the rest of our lives and we'll do it with honesty, integrity and respect; for ourselves, our friends, colleagues, horses, cattle and every other being we come into contact with. How sweet is that!

May 2020 bring the very best of everything for all that deserve it. We wish you all the very best. X

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