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When the going gets tough, the tough get going...

Life can be hard sometimes, let alone in the midst of an international epidemic, life can continue to test us with what would seem to be no mercy. Our fallible human mind can let us down, our strength of character can weaken to a point of despair, our resilience reaches maximum capacity and our mind and body respond; in self destruction. The impending self-inflicted implosion caused by social isolation, anxiety, financial stress, relationship failures and the overwhelming reality of having little to no control over our near future - It’s been a long time, a never experienced notion for many, that we are told we simply cannot do what we wish to do. Our regular routine of going to work, having Sunday lunch with family, drinking schooners off the wood with mates and travelling to newfound dreamy locations on international soils… what do you mean I can’t do that? (foot stamping, cuss words spat, face reddening… fuelled by a crushing feeling of insecurity and despair) Well what the flamin’ hell do I do then? And who the hell are you to tell me I can’t??

Well as always with a little perspective and some foresight (perhaps hindsight? Whatever it takes for us to finally be conscious in the moment) we can practice a little personal development here. After of course; the ‘huff’ fades to a dull and moderately embarrassing memory.

Let’s be real; we are spoilt, we are self-righteous, we are conditioned to be heavily reliant on external stimulus to keep us constantly entertained and easily distracted as it may be, from any hardship or suffering or ‘boring’ situations.

So, let’s get back to basics… let's be thankful for what we have! Let’s recondition our brains to recognise the little things in life; because no matter how hard you got it, someone else; in fact, many people, have been hit with the rough stick much harder than your self-pitying, wallowing, pathetic little soul. Harsh? Probably… We ARE allowed to wallow at times, but we’re also sure able to pull our socks back up and work on recognising how damn lucky we are too. The only limitations you REALLY have, are the ones you place on yourself. STEP UP! And step out (hypothetically for Victorian friends, soz)! Every challenge presents an opportunity. This challenge, every challenge, needs to change us; because we need to be better at being. Be better ya’ll.

What are you thankful for??

Im particularly thankful for my friends in Western Queensland who provide me with the opportunity to experience all the moments shown in the bellow video. Thankful to have work in front of me and a desire to do it even when life doesn't offer me what I want, just as I want it.

Even the hard times with a shovel in blistered hands, or the fading memory of what it’s like to chase a cow horseback, or the realisation that the grass is fading and the drought is far from a memory; we can still find plenty to be thankful for, we've just got to find the mind to look!

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