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Author: P.S Morrissey

I have been with livestock all my life. One of my first memories is my father holding me in front of him horseback. In later years, I used to ride my father’s horses when he wasn’t about. I have been lucky that I have always been in a position where I was horseback and working with livestock. I had a direction and was able to follow it without getting lost. My destination is still a way off but I’m closer than I used to be.

It seems to me that many people do not have a direction. I help people with cattle handling by describing and demonstrating Energy, Momentum and Direction. Without energy and momentum, there is little chance of directing cattle in a given direction. Energy can come from many sources – friends, mentors, fear, excitement but basically it needs to come from within. A good friend, Donnell Brown (R. A. Brown Ranch, Texas USA), talks about “chi”. Chi is described as vital energy that is held to animate the body internally, or life force. I am certain animals also have some type of “chi”.

Using chi/internal energy to motivate and direct livestock and people is a rewarding experience and can provide more energy and momentum in a chosen direction.

Covid 19 has provided people with ample opportunity to build and develop a direction but has also caused many people to fall into a void and lose all energy and momentum. People will recover, but life has changed. Our direction will be different, even if we don’t want it to be.

Working with livestock requires a plan or direction but it also means you must be prepared to adapt and change, have a plan B, C and D. Be ready to spin your horse around and go a different Direction.

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