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August 27, 2020


“During my later school years, I lost connection with the bush and was fairly lost during my early career days. Once I found myself back in rural Queensland working with livestock it felt like I had filled a gap. I've worked ever since looking for a sense of meaningfulness in this industry and subsequently have built ‘Morrissey and Friends Livestock Services’ around providing a service with substance; based around activities that I enjoy and working with the people that want to work with me.⁣

Something that I’ve found challenging that has also probably defined me has been the development of a ‘complex’ around being a female in a male dominated livestock industry where I’ve fought a lot of battles to prove my worth and change the stereotype. I chose to maintain my femininity and challenge the status quo in a strategic manner, and I searched until I found the people who have helped me grow personally and professionally.⁣

I am capable, strong and confident however, I am learning a more constructive method to lead people which is similar to the way I work with livestock; with guidance, compassion and humility. I believe this method is much more effective as it encourages knowledge sharing and attracts people who I want to be surrounded by. ⁣

Often we can subconsciously limit ourselves due to negative past experiences, overcoming these experiences is imperative to growing. I’m working on erasing the unnecessary aspects to remove the complex; it has helped me grow to date through becoming increasingly resourceful however it’s time for a change of the guard and I plan to find a more constructive method! Having control over the ‘when and where’ is precious to me, I have had to work hard for it but it's sure worth it to have my time in my own hands."⁣
- Lucy #HumansofAgriculture

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