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We work with cattle, horses and people

Morrissey and Friends Livestock Services provides practical and progressive training and consultation in Stockmanship, Horsemanship and Team Development. We promote knowledge sharing, networking and positive workplace culture with emphasis on Animal Welfare and Occupational Health and Safety. These focal points allow individuals and businesses to see increased production efficiencies, a reduction in workplace incidents and significant improvement to the overall wellbeing of the animals we care for.



Honesty - Integrity - Respect

Our services are tailored to your needs and come with over 60 years industry experience. Offering over the phone consultation and mentoring services through to 5 day training packages and extended period labour hire to name a few.
We boast experience in extensive livestock such as on station induction programs including but not limited to horsemanship, colt starting and mustering techniques. 
Intensive production, such as beef feedlots are our specialty. Fine tuned programs provide theoretical and practical components suited to all levels of experience. Our individually crafted workshops are designed to suit the demands of the business and all team members. 
We also work with horse and rider at all level from individual to group to help understand animal behaviour and develop a relationship to get along for success.

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A Caregivers Approach


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"One of Shane's greatest strengths is his ability to 'read' cattle and determine what they need. Shane has developed a structured method to both teach and train these skills to caregivers in production systems through being available and supportive and offering guidance and encouragement".

Dr Tom Noffsinger, DVM
Production Animal Consultant - NE, USA

"As we all know in a workplace that involves Horses, People & Cattle there is potential for accidents. Having training organisations such as Morrissey and Friends is a genuine way of managing this risk and aim for reduce incidents in the work place.   

I thoroughly recommend Morrissey and Friends as a training organisation".

Andrew Talbot
General Manager
Elders, Killara Feedlot - NSW, AU

"I was lucky enough to spend some time with Morrissey and Friends travelling and working in the USA. A real benefit for me was seeing the practicality of their teachings and that they don't try and make a particular method fit a yard or ranch, they work on the ground with the crew to offer practical solutions. They provide 'in the moment' training to staff, working with their strengths and allowing them to see and feel the difference themselves".

Jackie McGrath
Horses & Cattle - NSW, AU


"Shane demonstrates a high level of expertise in Horsemanship and Stockmanship. 
I have worked closely with Shane in training staff in cattle handling, cattle behaviour and pen riding. Shane is an experienced trainer and his training style is suitable for training livestock people of any age".

Dr Kev Sullivan, BVSc
Bell Vets and Consulting Services - QLD, AU

"Over the past 6 years I have been privileged to work and learn with Shane and Lucy Morrissey at several different feed yards. Shane and Lucy’s commitment to empowering caregivers and improving cattle wellbeing is very much aligned with the philosophy of Protein Production Vets. The hands-on training provided by Morrissey and Friends in horsemanship and cattle stewardship is unique, down to earth and has impact on the caregivers they teach".

Dr Lachlan Strohfeldt, BVSc
Protein Production Vets - 

"Shane applies his extremely high standards to all the work he does with livestock and is adept at communicating his ability to handle stock with minimal stress. Enterprises that have utilised Shane’s livestock handling training have benefited enormously in terms of animal welfare, efficiency of animal movements, and staff morale".

Dr Paul Cusack, BSc. BVSc.(hons) MVSt. MACVSc. M.Agribus. PhD
Australian Livestock Production Services - NSW, AU



We've worked cattle and horses from Texas, Australia to Texas, USA and many places in between - we'll travel to you!

Texas, QLD, 4385, Australia

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